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​Albright Cabling provides Copper Cable Certification on all Cat and Coax cable, below is a description of what Cable Certification can do for your company and how it can improve your current cabling situation on possible upgrades.

What exactly is Copper Cable Certification?

In copper twisted pair wire networks, commonly referred to as Cat Cabling or Network Cabling, copper cable certification is achieved through a thorough series of tests in accordance with TIA or ISO Standards. These Tests are done using a certification-testing tool, which provides "PASS or "FAIL" information. While certification can be performed by the owner of the network, certification is primarily done by Datacom contractors. It is this certification that allows the contractors to warranty their work. 

Why do I need Certification?

Installers sometimes need to prove to the network owner that the installation has been done correctly and meets TIA or ISO standards and need to certify their work. Network owners who want to guarantee that the infrastructure is capable of handling a certain application (e.g. VOIP) will use a tester to certify the network infrastructure. In some cases, these testers are used to pinpoint specific problems. These Certification tests are vital so there is no discrepancy between the installer and network owner after an installation has been performed. ​

(SOURCE FOR ALL INFORMATION ON THIS PAGE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper_cable_certification)

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