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Mesh Wireless Network for Small Businesses (2-200) employees:

A lot of Small Businesses like Hotels, Campgrounds, Auto Dealerships, and Gym's usually provide wireless inside or outside their building, to their customers and/or employees.

Some times due to the location of the WiFi device, the signal will not reach certain spots within the building or is being blocked by walls, metal beams, concrete, etc. - Having a Wireless Mesh Network installed inside or outside your building will resolve all of the issues you might have with traditional WiFi Access Points. 

By creating a Wireless Mesh Network inside your building, having multiple devices wirelessly connected and having them provide the widespread of your signal gives your customers and/or employees a faster more secure connection.
Wireless Mesh Networks are proven to support over 100 users per device and produce Gigabit speeds.

With a Wireless Mesh Network, once the system is installed correctly and deployed, the devices can be set to auto-update or scheduled for updates to be applied at certain times of the day. Keeping your customers always connected and preventing any issues during the day.

The best part about the Wireless Mesh Network design is that if one device goes down or needs updating, your signal will not drop at all. This is due to the Mesh Network design, as when one device fails or goes down, the other devices within the network pick up the slack, providing the customer with that same signal and strength they had before.

Albright Cabling provides Small Businesses with an employee size of 2-200 with the planning, design and installation of a Wireless Mesh Network. 

Each location and business is different in every way, by providing a detailed layout of your location with several options to expand or upgrade your current Wireless, Albright Cabling has the experience and technology to provide you a solution and keep you under budget.

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If this sounds like a solution that you may be interested in or to see what options Albright Cabling can provide to you. 

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For example; a Hotel will have possibly over 100 rooms within their building or more, some even have multiple building.

Providing several Hotspot wireless routers within their building might not be enough to handle the customer request for Wi-Fi, even if the hardware is new.

Having to keep up to date with all the firmware and software that is needed to make sure they are working properly is a lot to handle without someone constantly keeping an eye on it.