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Wireless Mesh Networks are the future of WiFi for Residential homes - creating a full web design WiFi signal throughout your home and/or property - Gives you full coverage and provides the speed and signal strength that will make sure you stay online no matter how many devices are on your network, without slowing your connection down.

The best thing about a Wireless Mesh Network is the ease of installation and expansion of the signal, being able to link each WiFi device together and able to manage your network is very simple. 

With that integration adding a home video security system is a breeze, with camera's that are wireless or wired by Power over Ethernet, these cameras are simple to install and can be easily configured to your needs. Giving you coverage both day and night.

Residential Homes and large properties:

With any home now a days pretty much everyone has wireless or knows what WiFi is, weather it's provided from their Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) or they have more knowledge about WiFi and have installed a wireless router and modem.

With the amount of wireless devices that are connected to your in home network, you might notice that throughout the day your wireless slows down or certain parts of your home your signal is low or even no signal.

Some of the older WiFi devices might not work with your new smart phone or laptops because of the newer technology within them, which causes frustration by having to spend more money on a newer device or time on the phone figuring it out with your Service Provider.

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